Dariusz and Nick heating a brew kettle with brulee torches

Who We Are

Like the many professions and trades that built the great cities in America, we’re serious about our craft. The butchers, chefs, and masons who breathed life into these cities were people that worked with their hands. We uphold their tradition by mastering our own skills and talents. Our labor is one of studious practice, wild exploration, and earnest pride. Each and every pour aspires to live up to this county’s storied past and the legacy of those who built it. Join us.

Meet the Brewers

Nick Nichols

Nick is the software developer behind many of the brewing-themed Clojure libraries, and the more avant-garde brewer of the pair.

Dariusz Jakubowski

Dariusz is a digital anthropologist and storyteller. He focuses on telling compelling stories through beer, and sharing tales while drinking them.