For my first post, I submit KryptoKölsch. Let’s start off with the build:

BeerSmith3 – it’s a great tool, you should get it.


  • 2.5 lbs Pilsner
  • 2 lb 2 Row
  • 0.9 lb Carapils
  • 3.3 lbs Pilsner LME


  • 1 oz Hallertau Blanc (60 mins)
  • 0.5 oz Hallertau Blanc (15 mins)



  • Clarity Ferm

The Brew

I tend to agree with this blog’s co-creator on homebrewing philosophy: you only need to brew what you want to drink – the style that suits you. That said, typically I try to master more conventional brews while adding my own flair to it.

Take this recipe for example – Knowing I have to do a partial mash (though we’re exploring ways to enhance our equipment’s ability to get an all grain batch to a rolling boil), I used US 2 Row in place of the more traditional Munich malt for part of my build to avoid having the beer come out too dark. As an experiment, we’ll see what this does to flavor. Additionally, I used Hallertau Blanc as opposed to OG Hallertau. I’m looking to impart an interesting winey taste to this Kölsch.

As far as temperatures go:

  • Mash 152F
  • Pitch ~80F
  • Primary 69F
  • Secondary and bottle conditioning 71F


Getting to a boil
The cool down
Post Pitch
Fermentation begins