Recipe: Beczka Piwo

While we at the Wall have had a kegging system for about a month now, I actually haven’t kegged anything yet – though my co-brewer has his Four Horseman in his keg.

To honor my first kegged beer here, I submit “Beczka Piwo”, literally translating to “Keg Beer”. It is an English Mild. Let’s check BeerSmith.

1) 5 lbs of Maris Otter
2) 1 lb of Caramel 60
3) 0.25 lb of Chocolate Malt
4) ~0.5 lb of light extract

1) 1 oz Fuggle (60 mins)
2) 1 oz Fuggle (5 mins)

1) Omega British Ale VIII – OYL 016 (subbed for WLP 002)

1) Clarity Ferm

The brew day went about as one would expect. Such a low ABV beer isn’t something my co-brewer typically would brew, but the English Mild is a style I particularly enjoy. Easy drinking, low ABV, and deliciously malty.

It’ll spend a week in primary, a week in secondary (both at ~70F), then I’ll keg it. Carb schedule is 25, 15, 10 over the course of three days, with day four at a serving pressure of 10. I’ll usually do 30-15-12, but as a Mild, I want it to be a bit less effervescent.

Photos Below and Review to Come


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