Recipe: Piwo Grodziskie

A friend of mine and I brewed this weekend, and not a moment too soon – since I recently just kicked the keg of Beczka Piwo.

To continue on with my Polish themed beer kick, I decided to make an old style that I heard about that interested me greatly: Piwo Grodziskie. This low abv beer is ancient, and said to have a fairly unique taste. So let’s take a look at the recipe!


  • 0.25 lb of rice hulls
  • 5 lbs of Oak Smoked Malt (this took a bit of wrangling to get)
  • 1 lb of Red Wheat Malt


  • 0.75 oz Saaz (60 mins)
  • 1.25 oz Saaz (10 mins)


  • Omega Kolsch II (subbed for Wyeast 1007)

That’s it.

I’m excited for how this super simplistic beer will turn out. I had to substitute a few items (notably the hops) since my homebrew shop couldn’t locate the necessary Polish variety I was looking for, but hopefully my ancestors won’t mind too much. I’ll follow up this post with updates as they happen, perhaps even a more in-depth history of this particular style. Until then…

Fermentation and Kegging:

  • Primary – 7 days – 70F
  • Secondary – 7 days – 70F
  • Carbonation schedule – 35, 22, 12