Basement Party Review

Today’s social distancing beer review is a real treat for me, and I hope it is for you too – Temperance’s Basement Party. A treat for two reasons, 1) Temperance never ceases to impress me and 2) it’s fresh since we caved about bought more beer. It’s an unfiltered American lager, and damn tasty (spoilers).

As you can tell from the photo, Basement Party has a rich golden color – though perhaps a bit clearer than I expected for something unfiltered. However, I can attest that it does have a bit more of a haze to it when it’s pulled from the tap. A light and creamy head retains itself well in the glass, only receding after sips.

That head helps introduce the beer to drinker as well. It gets the drinker’s toes wet, offering a bouquet of wholly knowable scents. Hops, malt, and (like their branding suggests) the last really good basement party the drinker attended. Unlike the PBRs we might associate with some basement parties, Temperance proposes a seemingly more dignified affair, with the promise of uncompromising serendipity.

…And it delivers on that promise. This beer tastes exactly how a good American lager should. It’s crisp, with a surprising snappiness that perfectly balances the its light hop build with its wonderful malt. Basement Party is an incredibly drinkable beer. No wonder that the consistent answer in the taproom when patrons ask “what do you suggest?” is “well right now I’ve been drinking a lot of Basement Party.” Temperance should be really proud of this one.

On a personal note, it’s also worth mentioning that this time is particularly hard on breweries and their employees. I’m a huge fan of the beer coming out of this brewery and chose to buy some tickets to their rager once the COVID stay-at-home order and extreme social distancing are over. It’s going to a good cause, and they make some great beers. You should consider buying some tickets too. See you there.