Delirium Noel

Delirium Noël

We’ve all had a hell of a year.

Between the precipice of war and all-consuming maw of the plague, we’ve all had our minds occupied with other thoughts for that last few months. The mounting stress of a biological, economic, and global crisis has had us all grabbing a drink recently. However, I did not have the most stocked fridge running into this crisis. While I’ve been imbibing far less frequently than before, I’m now relegated to the most unusual choices:

  • Old Fashioneds based on Scotch, which I’ve dubbed Burnt Orange
  • Cruzan and seltzer water
  • The last vestiges of leftover beers, and Dariusz’s leftover supply

To that end, I’ve somewhat recently taken one of the last bottles from our fridge- a Delerium Noël. I know what your thinking, “The holidays were over three months ago?!” You are right. This was tucked away in one of the door’s drawers behind several jars of pickles. In my desperation, I ignored the all-too-clingy foil, the seasonal decor, and the faint memories of when the bottle first made a home in the fridge.

Knowing I should post something, anything in the desert of brew recipes during the fallout of our local shop’s limited hours- I ignored my better judgment. I placed a bottle and pint glass by the window, popped it open and helplessly watched as a fountain of foam spurted all over me. Defeated, I poured the bottle into my glass and found the near-infinite head retention pictured above. With my socks and spirits wet, I let free a heavy sigh and downed and the pile of foam.

While quite muted after an all-too-long bottle aging, it was quite a pleasant drink- pleasant enough that I forgot about its overwhelming 10% ABV bite. The alcohol taste was entirely masked by a very fruity, crisp beer- accelerated by a new, foamy texture. Before I recognized my mistake, the deed was done. I was left in the ruins of a shock-and-awe campaign out of left field. All that aside, it was quite pleased with how well it withstood the trials of time. At this moment, I feel compelled to write some vague platitude about the human condition, resisting adversity, or taking the hits as they roll; however, I, like many of you, much prefer a beer to philosophy in times like these.