Half Acre – Daisy Cutter Review

We’re coming up on… god knows how many days in this social distancing thing. The good news is that flattening the curve is apparently proving to be at least somewhat effective! While the stay at home order and working from home may be a tad bit alienating, I’m lucky to spend it with great company and good beer.

Today’s review covers what I’ve personally considered to be one of Chicago’s “flagship” beers – Half Acre’s Daisy Cutter, a pale ale.

Over a decade old and once an upstart, Daisy Cutter now enjoys a comfortable place as one of craft beers that beer nuts 1) know and 2) chose time and time again.

It’s no wonder why – this beer punches your nose with intense pine and citrus notes from the start. A decade ago this beer threw a gauntlet down at the alter of the big names like Budweiser, Molson Coors (then Miller Coors), and even its craft kin in Goose Island. It punched above its weight then and rightfully earned its place as one of Half Acre’s most popular beers.

That strong citrus aroma demands an answer. “Your move,” it says.

I’m in,” I usually respond.

Not one to back down, Daisy Cutter’s flavor is strong – lovely malt with slight biscuit bound together with orange peel and papaya. It lingers, momentarily, and makes me about as pensive as my master’s thesis did (I was drunk writing that too /s). Just when I think I’ve figured it out, Daisy Cutter’s flavor leaves and imparts a wonderfully dry goodbye. Lucky for me, I’ve got a whole pint.

Daisy Cutter is scrappy royalty, the smart kid from your old neighborhood who could hold their own and had a plan to rise to the top. It’s loud when it needs to be, but much more nuanced once you get to know it. Can’t wait to order this in either of the taprooms again.