Pipeworks Brewing Co. – Premium Pilsner Review

It’s been hot here in Chicago. Sometimes when it’s hot and dry, you want something cold and wet. Enter my pilsner choice for such an occasion, Pipeworks Brewing Co.’s Premium Pilsner.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to appreciate lagers more – not that I didn’t drink them regularly before, I just appreciate them more now.

This beer is exactly what you want to enjoy on a porch in the shade. It’s crisp, clean, and incredibly refreshing. A light breeze creeps up the back porch, wafting the beer’s soft notes of cereal and honey to me. I take a sip to taste its matching flavors then admire its light golden color by holding the glass to the sun. It really is a good beer.

Pipework’s Premium Pilsner is supremely tasty, but it does not hold the title of favorite lager for me (more on that later).

This one is a bit shorter, but sometimes laconic reviews show just good a beer can be. Pipework’s Premium Pilsner is soft spoken and tells its own story slowly in a relaxing tone. Time to go grab another.


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