Metropolitan Brewing – Afterburner Review

October is here, but Oktoberfest has been happening for a bit now. We wanted to be sure that we offered a review of a Chicago Oktoberfest classic: Metropolitan Brewing’s Afterburner.

The main beer of Oktoberfest is the Märzen – a Bavarian staple lager. Our brewbot took a stab at this style last year with surprising results, but it definitely didn’t have the same level of sophistication a production brewery has. It assuredly paled in comparison to a Chicago brewery that near-exclusively brews lagers.

Surrounded by festively-placed pumpkins, candles, and sunflowers that my girlfriend adorned our apartment with, this beer makes me feel like I’m in a Midwestern Bavaria (… so Wisconsin?). Afterburner’s toasty malt warms me up as I fight the urge to turn on the heat.

I’ve always liked the complexity one finds in Oktoberfest beers. In theory, they’re lagers, bound by Reinheitsgebot – they shouldn’t be so deep. However, they’re warm while being refreshing, crisp while offering many flavors, and clean while leaving a whisper of itself after a sip. Afterburner hits all of this and more.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a few more of these to enjoy. Prost!