MORE Brewing Company – Piña Colada Marbles

We’re approaching summer and all the great things that come with it: rooftop drinking, patio dining, and incredible beers to pair with the gorgeous weather. This weekend we were able to enjoy ~80F weather with a lazy breeze, and I was able to enjoy a truly amazing cocktail-themed beer called Piña Colada Marbles from MORE Brewing Company.

Much like the confusion of the local Brew House cat over what exactly “#caturday” is, I was incredibly surprised by how much I liked this beer. Typically, I’m not a huge fan of cocktail-themed beers and find too numerous of qualifiers on a style to be distracting (this beer is a “Milkshake Style IPA with Coconut, Pineapple, and Vanilla”). However, I was floored by how well MORE pulled this one-off.

The fruited nature of the beer means the can instructs you to gently roll it prior to opening. After complying and rolling the can across the table, I poured the wonderfully smooth, hazy beer into the only glass I deemed appropriate – our Rainforest Cafe chalice. This beer clocks in at 7%, which means it is no slouch, but coconut and vanilla dull the sharp edge of the pineapple and higher alcohol. While it is quite obviously Piña Colada inspired, I was glad that MORE had seemed to intentionally remind the drinker that this was still a beer – not just some malt liquor with flavoring.

Overall, it was a delightful and mellow experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed this beer and made sure to drink it while sitting on the back porch and enjoying the beautiful weather as we settle into summer. While there was a bit of sticker shock for this 4-banger, I’d probably do it again on the next really nice weekend. Pick some up for yourself if you can!