Maplewood – Son of Juice Review

If you’re thinking: “Didn’t they just review a Maplewood?” – You’d be right. We actually got this from Foxtrot during an impromptu snack delivery, and it came in a pack. We’ll be sure to have more variety in the next beer run.

That all said, I’m not mad at all about getting to drink two Maplewoods this close together – Particularly Son of Juice, an IPA.

This is one of the juiciest IPAs I can think of that doesn’t explicitly call itself a DIPA, NEIPA, or hazy. As its drinker, you better like Mosaic and Simcoe hops – they immediately hit your nose and solicit a quick “Woohoo!” The best way I can describe this sensation is a bit niche, but stay with me. This is like when you were a kid in the lunchroom and somehow traded your carrots for someone’s gushers. It’s the same level of excitement.

As you can see from the photo, this beer doesn’t mess around when it comes to haze. It looks creamy, silky, and wholly opaque. The oats help make its head soft but dense, similar to marshmallow fluff.

Maplewood thumbed the scale for the citrus and malt vs bitterness. Upon sipping the beer, I immediately taste guava, sweet grapefruit, light blueberry, and a whisper of grain. Without any strong bitterness, these wonderful flavors are free to linger longer. They’re welcome guests as far as I’m concerned.

For something north of 6% ABV and as hazy as it is, it feels much lighter. I doubt I could chug this beer (and I’m not looking to), but I feel like taking larger pulls from my glass would be easier than with some of its peers.

I highly recommend this beer and am always so happy to remember it is part of their year-round release.