Miller High Life Review

The “stoners’ holiday” of 420 may have passed, but we’re still living the High Life – Miller High Life, that is. As yet another purchase to pacify me during the stay-at-home order (I must really be an annoying roommate to my girlfriend), I’ve been nursing a 30-rack of this for about two weeks now. Let’s get into it.

The self-proclaimed “Champagne of Beers” is a Chicagoan staple for its consistency, refreshing nature, and cost-effectiveness. Rightly so, this 30-rack didn’t set us back much at all and the amount of joy it’s brought to my life is immeasurable.

As some of our more perceptive readers might’ve noticed, I chose not to pour this beer out for a photo. Indeed, the only way I know how to enjoy a High Life is from a can or a bottle. I’m not here to change that.

It has a light aroma of malt, with a faint waft of some unidentifiable hop at the end. That lightness follows the scent into its remarkably comforting bubbles.

The taste is classic and unmistakable. Taking a sip brings me back to the summer nights overlooking the lake with a few friends on Oak St beach – a time where we could freely enjoy each others’ company outside.

God, it makes me want to go back to Milwaukee soon too.

This review is simple for a reason: the beer itself isn’t that complex. Still, the lack of an elaborate grain bill or hop schedule elevates my mood while sparing my wallet. It’s nowhere near the best beer I’ve ever had, but it’s probably one of the beers I’ve drank the most.